When producing animal feed, all nutritional elements provided by the environment in which species naturally grows must be taken into consideration. By paying attention to these factors, feed manufacturers will get complete and nutritious feed.

Supplementary feed, as its name implies, is created to provide the nutrients that natural products lack, so that animals can benefit from this extra nutrient boost.

Animal supplementary feed is not dependent on natural productivity to provide the nutrients that animals need, as it is a whole, nutritious source of vitamins and minerals for animals.

Our broad knowledge about the making of such feeds enables us to produce a variety of these products and sort them by the animal´s size and health, as well as the environment in which they grow up.

In general terms, aquaculture feed must have attractability, palatability and high digestibility. Additionally, the feed must have over 2.5 hours of water stability and should be free of toxic compounds that may affect the animal, the consumers or the environment.

Significantly, in terms of nutritional value, it is very important to properly handle and formulate the ingredients, as these are the basis to keep the high quality standards our company is known for.

However, due to the pressure put upon feed to also act as a stress reliever, we have added other supplements that promote immunity development. The result is a balanced product that will provide all the nutrients necessary for a normal, healthy development of the species.

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